Demolitions suck.

Garbage stinks, demolitions are messy, and who the hell wants to jump in a bin to pack all the junk properly!?

Between keeping the dust down, swinging a sledge all day, and literally carrying all the weight, you have to take all necessary precautions to deconstruct your site safely.  It’s not a job for the faint of heart.

But Toronto-based demolition team at Junk Out find the fun in deconstructing a house.

“There’s a right way to do everything. I enjoy working through a deconstruction site with a plan, and constructing the safest and most efficient manner to getting the job.” says Daniel Vieira, demolition lead at Junk Out.

With 13 years of experience, Junk Out has safely disposed of over 6,700 tons of waste.  Daniel’s background in sustainability and as an idealistic tree-planter during his university summers lend to Junk Out’s focus on environmental solutions for managing waste at any scale.

“My demolition sites are safe and efficient.  I usually run two large air scrubbers with HEPA filters in order to keep the air quality on site as clean as possible.  We practice a system of ‘no waste on the ground’ and keep as clean a site as possible. It’s a great peace of mind knowing we’re taking the best precautions to protect ourselves.”

But Junk Out does not just consider site safety.

“As much as possible, we recycle or down cycle waste. I’ve seen far too much waste in the GTA alone to appreciate that every little bit we divert from a landfill today, means a big win for our planet tomorrow.  Even if we move the needle only slightly, we have to do something better than good enough.”

Over the years, Junk Out has established relationships with various waste transfer stations that also recycle.  Refuse lumber can be processed as wood chips or raw material for wood pulp.  Gypsum waste can be recycled into more gypsum. Ferrous and non-ferrous metals can be recycled as scrap metal of course.

And this can all happen before driving it all to the transfer stations.  The more efficiently we all manage this waste cycle, the less strain we place on our ecology.

“I used to be a driver, and day-in day-out, I would see waste dump into transfer stations only to be loaded and shipped directly to landfills. I think a lot of us assume these transfer stations pick up the ownus to recycle, but many of them are not designed to recycle so to the landfill it goes!  They are designed to transfer waste. That’s why we’ve built relationships with recycling facilities too.”

Junk Out’s fuel efficient cab-over trucks fit in any tight spaces and its drivers can be found delivering bins throughout the Greater Toronto Area.  If you require bin rental, junk removal, or demolition services, please call them at 416.253.7533

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