I was a young single, independent woman about to embark on the greatest adventure of my life, first home ownership; but a super exciting time in my life was quickly overshadowed by the daunting task of; renovations and personalizing my home to suit my lifestyle and decor needs. Through the lengthy process of research and interviewing contractors, I came across an insane hurdle, “can I trust this guy?”

During the interviewing process for a contractor, one characteristic need stood out above all else because on top of being able to trust his skills, abilities and experiences, a contractor had to be approachable and not as intimidating as every step had already proven to be, as every contractor and every meeting I had prior. Through the lengthy and draining process, I learned that a contractor must be a consummate professional equipped with tools but more importantly with his knowledge and his approachability, which, in my opinion, was by far the most important characteristic to look for in a contractor, as a single woman with very limited construction or renovation experience or expertise.

In my experiences, far too many contractors met me as a young and single woman, with her own home but who couldn’t possibly know or understand a single nugget of construction or renovations and for one reason or another every contractor spoke down to me, simply because I was a “female” (potential) client(s). There is absolutely no reason for a “professional” contractor to act this way around me or women or any client; as a contractor you are missing an amazing niche demographic of the construction industry. I thought to myself, what if I scheduled a meeting with a female contractor? Would she treat me any differently? Would I treat her differently? The bottom line is contractors, male or female, should speak to any and all potential clients, female or male in the same way, and with respect for each other.

In my research for a contractor, I came across an article discussing an increase in single women purchasing a home themselves, so my advice to all the “single ladies.. ” as said by Beyonce, is above all the knowledge, and in combination with their experience, and skillset, a contractor brings to the table, the most important is definitely his approachability; how else can a woman express her ideas, and thoughts if she is too intimidated by him to discuss her lifestyle and decor needs? Women are intelligent, self-sufficient, financially independent and able to provide for themselves and should been respected as such.

My advice to all the ladies, Do your homework, gain some basic knowledge and my advice to the contractors, listen up boys, these ladies are doing their homework so be prepared for a pop quiz.

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