Techno Metal Post Hamilton-Durham Inc. (TMPHD) supplies and installs helical pile foundation solutions.

What is a helical pile? Simply put, it is a steel screw-in piling used for building a deep foundation.

Why use a helical pile? If your job requires a foundation and you plan on using concrete, imagine a solution that can eliminate curing time from your project. You can start building on helical piles immediately. We have literally had deck builders tell us that they’ve completed entire deck projects within the same time it takes for the concrete sono tube posts to set. Time is money in construction and a helical pile saves you time and money, plain and simple.
Never heard of them? Helical piles have been around for a very long time, but there use in mainstream construction is still something new for a lot of contractors. However, when someone new works with TMPHD and discovers helical piles for the first time, they almost always say “I wish I knew about you guys 5 years ago…”. Then we hear their stories about how great it would have been to have a helical pile on this job and that job and how this would have made things so much easier. Another great thing about our helical piles and Techno Metal Post is our proprietary equipment. Our machines and installers convert soil pressure into a structural load on each helical pile after they are installed. This tells you exactly what kind of load they can handle, and the best part is our helical pile foundation solution complies with the National Building Code (CCMC 13059-R, 2015).

Bad soil and no cost-effective solution? We get lots of calls from contractors where everything started great on a job, but as soon as they started digging, unexpected conditions arose. Maybe they encountered bad soils, or a high-water table, or even contaminated soils – whatever it was, their project had come to a grinding halt and budgets and timelines were in jeopardy. If you’ve ever been in this situation, emotions are high so getting a quick turn-key solution is very important to help get things back on track. We have in-house engineers that turn around shop drawings quickly, and since Techno Metal Post is a dealer-based company, an installation crew can mobilize quickly to get to the job site and get to work right away. This has saved many contractors and projects from disaster.

Need a new tool for your toolbox? The expression ‘Old Dog – New Tricks’ is something that applies so well to helical piles. For example, a hammer will always be needed to wack things, however, concrete is not the only option for foundations nowadays. Helical piles are being used not just for backyard barbeque decks but also for low rise apartments too. We’ve installed them directly into water to support docks and boat houses. Underpinning jobs are quickly becoming a big market for helical piles because when an existing foundation is failing, immediate correction is needed and can be achieved with a helical pile solution. The equipment is small enough to get into the smallest spaces and with load ready structural anchoring, it makes so much sense to use helical piles. The time has come to replace concrete as the only option for foundations. Today, everyone wants things done faster and faster, and a helical pile will save you time-period.

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