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The Construction Life, TCL, began as a podcast over a year ago. I felt the TCL podcast did very well because we didn’t care about egos; we weren’t concerned about the “right” thing to say, the “nice” things to say; we wanted to speak the truth about all aspects of construction and what needed to be said so we could be a part of changing this amazing construction industry. We did change things, and I know I have said this over and over: the podcast will return, I promise you it will. There are many more topics to discuss, more products to share, more ways to build, better ways to run your business, and plenty more fun and laughs to record. Watch for the relaunch of the TCL Podcast in the near future.

Now comes TCL: the website, a site for contractors, written by contractors. The site will be helpful for Architects, Designers and Homeowners, but primarily it targets the tradespeople that grind the work on a daily basis, live the ups and downs, and have the skills to build the best. I hope it gives people a better and fair understanding of what tradespeople do and why we do it. Yes, construction costs are higher than the perception. To have a legit, skilled, and professional tradesperson in your home or place of business costs a fair amount of money.

We have launched a construction website like no other – the core difference being that contractors (including myself) are writing these articles from real, on-site experiences. Based on what I have seen on social media over the past five years, all of the DM inquiries from around the world, and meeting so many contractors at trade shows or in everyday life, I felt it was time to build a website where any contractor that cared just a little could share what was right – not what was the norm, but what was right. How else can we collectively continue to build forward? We need to embrace the new ways, share the new techniques, and discuss the new products. Not every kid was meant to be the next app designer; there are plenty of us with a passion for dust, and that is what The Construction Life is all about.

I encourage you to sign up for our mailing list for updates and the latest news in the construction industry. The first 100 will receive a new TCL Tee, and be sure to watch for monthly giveaways! Reach out to me if you have story you want to share with our readers. Let’s change this industry for the better, one contractor at a time, one renovation at a time, one construction life at a time.

Thank you to all who have contributed to The Construction Life website so far. We can’t wait to post, share, and discuss so much more.

Manny Neves

Manny Neves
Editor in Chief
The Construction Life


Once again, my good friend Manny Neves has asked me my opinion on tools. I clearly have tricked him into thinking I know what I am talking about. Do I think I am qualified to give an opinion?

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