#189 Stu from Brollyrenos, Justin from JMP Carpentry, Jason the Keystone Contractor discussing old and new schools of construction

We stir the pot and begin the show discussing rates and how trades should be working towards billing $1000.00 per day, once that has been stirred we hear from Stu and Justin and how they got started, interesting stories as Stu if 50 and Justin is 26. Stu does share the way the UK handles aprrenticeships versus how it is handled here in Canada. It’s refreshing to hear from the 3 different perspectives of a seasoned tradesperson like Jason, an immigrant who built a successful business like Stu and the next generation working their way through the life like Justin.

Stu says over here we work harder, way too hard for his liking, he feels back home they work smarter, it’s true. A great conversation comes up about trades sharing advice to each other, asking for help from others, building a network of like minded tradespeople to better the whole industry. The John Cox Cottage was built in 1807 as part of History with Manny.

The overall theme of the podcast is numbers, what are value is, what we are booking, how to price custom scope, how to communicate those numbers with clients, the group shares more than a few thoughts. The conversation of mentors comes up and how valuable having a resource for all tradespeople to reach out to help build a better construction business and industry. Justin shares his thoughts and the older trades share their knowledge.

We wrap the show with some great tips for anyone in construction, don’t use “work” as a swear word, don’t bullshit, everyone can see the BS, don’t think any task is beneath you, learn and share and repeat, that’s The Construction Life.

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What an amazing show gentlemen, thank you so much for spending the time to share your stories and valuable information, looking forward to seeing you again and talking more construction. Find them Stu at www.brollyrenos.caand his email stu@brollyrenos.ca on IG @brollyrenos and Justin at @jpaulitzki on IG and FB JMP Carpentry justonpaulitzki@hotmail.com and of course Jason @thekeystonecontractor www.thekeystonecontractor.cominfo@thekeystonecontractor.com thank you guys.

Find Manny @hardcorerenos info@hardcorerenos.com info@theconstructionlife.com

TCL has and always will be about giving back to the construction industry.

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