#190 Marc Fraser from Craigmhor Construction is here to discuss all kinds of numbers associated with tradespeople

Marc was having a conversation with Manny and 5 mins in, this show idea came up, we have to share this. Marc recently had a Zoom call with our Minister of Labour and he’s going to share that talk. We are going to talk about getting into trades and why teenagers should consider consruction as a career, we are going to talk about wages and rates, running your business, working for someone, we are going to compares construction to other career options, we are going to talk about Guidance Counselors and what they are doing wrong, we are going to talk about parents and what they are doing wrong, we are going to talk about how much money you can make, how much you can loose, we are not going to sugar coat anything on this show, you don’t want to miss this one.

We discuss the whole influencer career choice and what’s really involved behind all that and how it’s not a viable option for real tradespeople. Half way through the show Marc walks everyone through the wage numbers, what your student debt will be, what your starting trade wage will be, where you as a trade will be 10 years into the game, these numbers will open your eyes. We discuss the bell curve and how the industry is top heavy right now but that’s going to dramatically change in the next 5 years, over 20% + of the workforce is leaving the industry and it’s not being replenished by the new generation.

Towards the end of the show Manny and Carlito share a rant of reality when it comes to clients, our rates and our worth. If you stay in the construction business long enough you will come across an asshole client that could potentially destroy your business, your livelihood, and you, all in the name of telling the contractor “go fuck yourself”. Yes we understand the construction industry is an amazing career choice but here at TCL we want to share the whole truth, why? Cause nobody on social media is doing that and certainly nobody on TV reno shows are doing it.

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What an amazing show Marc, thank you so much for spending the time to share your stories and valuable information, looking forward to seeing you again and talking more construction. Find Marc @craigmhor_construction www.craigmhor.ca and marc@craigmhor.ca

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Want to reach out to Manny, text him on his mobile, 416 433-5737 and or email him at manny@hardcorerenos.com or manny@theconstructionlife.com Please let him know who you are and then ask away.

TCL has and always will be about giving back to the construction industry.

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