#191 Terrazzo Tile & Marble Association with Tod Valickis the newly appointed president of TTMAC – lots to talk about

77 years of educating and changing the Terrazzo Tile and Marble industry for the better, we have an amazing show to share today where Tod will not be sugar coating anything and sharing so much valuable information when it comes to this part of the construction industry.

First up substrates, we discuss the proper ways subfloors were built, were engineered and these days clients are asking for far more out of the structure of the home and every tile installer and GC must understand this information and educate the clients. Go back to the homes flooring specs and present your findings to your clients, this is very important. Tod shares his Construction Bone to Pick, spot bonding has to stop, unacceptable. Tod discusses all the books and PDF’s TTMAC offers online, courses they offer and more, so may ways to learn more about your profession.

We discuss thinsets, grouts, self levelors, primers, moisture and why certain products are behaving differently these days and Tod has a lot to share on the subject. Tod discusses his 10/30 rule when it comes to installing and tempertures, don’t install if the ground surface is below 10 degrees celcius or above 30 degrees celcius and you avoid increasing the possibility of a failure.

Tod introduces a new program TTMAC will be offering early next year, the CCTI, the Topgun of Tiling, watch for it and please sign up for it.

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L over to calculate deflection

A general rule for limiting deflection of simple spans , is that the deflection should not exceed the span (in inches) divided by 360 (max D= L/360).

What an amazing show Tod, thank you so much for spending the time to share your decades stories and valuable information, and experience, looking forward to seeing you again on future shows about this trade and part of the construction industry and talking more construction. Find Tod @ttmaccanada www.ttmac.com and association@ttmac.com

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TCL has and always will be about giving back to the construction industry.

The 24HR Podcast Event is happening November 20th and 21st Carlito and Manny will be recording 14 shows back to back, no sleep, all great conversations and all 14 guests have been booked. Stay tuned.

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