#195 Tyler Stott from Stott HVAC is back to talk loads more heat loss calculations and advancing your business

Welcome to the wonderful world of HVAC, Tyler is back to discuss his business, the HVAC business and more. Working for an established HVAC brand Tyler was making suggestions on where to take the business how to grow with the times and his ideas, the powers at be didn’t want to go in that direction so after many ups and downs and Tyler watching his sales go up but revenue go down, Tyler decided to take the leap and go on his own. He partnered with someone, plus a helper, one van they were off into the HVAC market. 5 years later and the partner has decided to move on, Tyler has 5 vans now, the crews, specialty techs and he has built a solid construction business, his former employer and business closed 2 years ago.

We get right into the world of HVAC and Tyler begins with a Construction Bone, construction heat, GC’s using a brand-new furnace to heat and or cool the home, in turn placing wear and tear on a new machine and potentially damaging the unit, a few great suggestions are brought up. The world of maintenance comes up and no point in spending the bucks and getting the proper system if you as a homeowner won’t handle the maintaining or hire someone like Stott to take care of all that seasonal maintenance.

Tyler shares his ideal ultimate mechanical room and what would be in there servicing the entire home, from a boiler, snow melt, forced air for AC and air movement to a steam humidifier. With an ideal humidity level between 30-50%. HVAC designs, Mechanical Engineers, calculating loads, hot and cold, Tyler brings up a major point about OBC standard loads and how they don’t work for clients’ needs and expectations. We get talking about 2nd furnaces and zoning but instead of zoning horizontally with basement and main floor and then 2nd zone will be 2nd floor, go vertically and zone the home front and back because of the position of the home and natural sunlight and radiant temps affecting the home comfort.

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What an amazing show Tyler, thank you so much for coming back on the show and for spending the time to share your experiences, stories, and valuable HVAC information. Find Tyler at www.stotthvacsystems.ca and his email at tyler@stotthvacsystems.ca and on IG @stotthavcsystems

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