#196 Quaid Sturdy of Sturdy Contracting Co Young Contractor talking the future of construction

What a great show we have with Quaid Sturdy from Sturdy Contracting Co. and he’s going to share what he’s been doing being so young in Trades and why he sees such an optimistic future in construction. At 24 years old Quaid is very interested in meeting, speaking, absorbing from as many tradespeople as possible. Quaid walks us through his journey from working with his dad’s electrical co to busted up collar bone to all types of employment to finally getting into construction for good. Then we are pleasantly interrupted by Jeff from @gl.plumbing who stopped by to say hello.

Quaid is an old soul in a young man’s body, he’s looking at the construction industry with fresh eyes, working on new ways to do things, new ways to streamline your business, your trades, your suppliers and how clients interact with us, he sees a bright future for anyone interested in being a part of this amazing industry.

We wrap up the show with a few laughs and a gambit of different construction topics but all centered around the business side of the construction industry.

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What an amazing show Quaid, thank you so much for your passion on the show and for spending the time to share your early experiences, stories, and valuable insight, we wish all the best and would love to have you back in a year to see how you’re doing. Find Quaid at quaid@sturdycontracting.ca and at www.sturdycontracting.ca and on IG @sturdycontractingco

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