#197 The Finish Carpentry Trim Team is here – Gary Mares Fabio Andrede and finally we have Joe Nicolau

WARNING – This show is raw and honest and if you’re not interested in the real version of The Construction Life then please don’t listen. Very Explicit conversations on this show.

What a show we have for you during our craziness of 24 hours of podcast and 14 shows, finally reaching the halfway mark we have 3 of the best finish carpenters in the Greater Toronto Area on the show and boy will the fun be let loose like sawdust in the wind. We begin the show discussing suppliers and the quality of material these days. From there the group discusses mdf, poplar, red and white oak, walnut, they go nuts discussing different species of wood and applications. The guys are very open about how everyone, they mean everyone that can buy a saw and the tools considers themselves a finish carpenter, not the case.

Schedules how can custom trim carpenters stay on schedule when clients continue to increase the scope, the panel of trades share their thoughts. Of course, we chat about tools and boy that conversation goes everywhere when you have 5 tradespeople on the show. The group has fun discussing pocket doors and what the real costs are associated with a proper pocket door, material, and assembly. Blades, all kinds of blades and it does make a difference what number of teeth you use for what kind of material and surprise Gary shares the fact that oscillating blades can be sharpened, reach out to him and he might just give up his connection.

The pros discuss several rapid fired topics about the work, business, retiring, techniques, clients and more, they don’t hold back. What an amazing show for anyone wanting to get into the industry or looking to be better at their trade. Thanks guys.

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What an amazing show gentlemen, thank you so much for your passion for the industry and on the show and for spending the time to share your early experiences, stories, and valuable insight, we wish all the best and would love to have you back anytime. Find these rockstars of finish carpentry Gary Mares @marescarpentry the one and only email him at marescarpentry@gmail.com and Fabio Andrerde from FNA Custom Woodworking @fabio.andrede51 and email him at Fabio.andrede.en69@gmail.com and finally we had Joe Nicolau from Unique Touch Carpentry and find him at uniquetouchcarpentry@hotmail.com and on IG @uniquetouchcarpentry Thank you Gentlemen for all of us at TCL.

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