#198 Kurt Snell of Snell Contracting Services Inc talking his young construction life and young trades

With today’s show we cast a wide construction net, but Kurt wants to focus on young trades, young business owners, the youth of construction, as the older trades prepare to step down, where is the industry going to be in the next decade, a particular favorite topic at TCL. Strap on the tool belt, this will be one hell of a great show.

The show begins with Kurt’s experience with George Brown and how it was a huge positive step in his career path, sharing the teachers, the classroom sizing and fundamentals of construction being learned. Kurt has a lot of positive things to say about the school route and he knew when it was his time to decide, either start in the industry or begin with school, he chooses school for a very good reason.

Kurt has never been that old type of tradesperson, where you yell, you “man up” kind of mentality and when he was given certain great opportunities by established builders, he did ask that he work in new ways and that worked out amazing for him and the crews and especially for the clients. We ask Kurt how have the clients changed in the last 15 years of his construction, his response is great and he touches on a number of key factors.

Kurt has some great ideas and he’s not afraid to share them on our show and the reasons behind those ideas because they stem from him learning every single day on the job site. One idea in particular is known as a Trades Day, he brings the trades into the job before it begins to meet the clients and walk through the scope so the clients can now feel better and more secure with the strangers entering their home and spending their hard-earned money.

We wrap up the show with numbers, how and why Kurt came up with his rates, his overhead, his figures and he turned to people he trusted for guidance, and it has worked out great for him.

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What an amazing show Kurt, thank you so much for your passion for the construction industry and being on the show, spending the time to share your early experiences, stories, and valuable insight, we wish all the best and would love to have you back anytime. Find him at www.snellcs.com and email kurt@snellcs.com and on IG @snellconservices and on FB at Snell Contracting Services Inc. Thank you Sir for all of us at TCL.

TCL has and always will be about giving back to the construction industry.

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