#214 Pino Pirillo and Giuliano Tarantini from International Visual Corporation talking about custom fabrication

In our last show from Montreal, we dive deep into the custom world of manufacturing and fabrication where every idea begins on a napkin. We have Pino Pirillo, business development and Giuliano Tarantini a prototype on the show and sharing the 60 plus years of this incredible business.

With a facility at a size of 260,000 square feet IVC can handle any project and on today’s show we will discuss the entire process. A lot of respect goes out to IVC and how they never stopped when Covid hit, they were producing 10’s of thousands of acrylic guards for retail stores across Canada and the USA. At the beginning of the pandemic, IVC was concerned and made the decision to lay staff off but in a slight twist of faith an order came in as the owners were making their way to inform staff and they were lucky enough not to lay anyone off.

This show quickly shifts gears into the wonderful world of clients, clients’ expectations, budgets, sales, communications, and it is all relevant to construction, a must listen. Pino walks us through the entire process of production from napkin to final mock-up, what an interesting chat. Pino shares a lot of the science behind the fabrication and the why things are fabricated the way they are. Pino shares some great insight into cold calling and sales pitching for all of you younger business owners, don’t want to miss this chat.

Yes, we discussed expectations of new employees, hiring and firing, why this generations expects validation for a job they were tasked with. Again, we are not trying to speak negatively, we are trying to understand and educate.

Thank you so much to IVC International Visual Company for being a guest and hosting these 5 shows in Montreal. Reach out to Pino Pirillo at the following info. www.weareivc.com and his email ppirillo@weareivc.com And Giuliano at gtarantini@ivcweb.com

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TCL has and always will be about giving back to the construction industry.

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