#215 Heavy Duty Homes is on the SHOW with Phil Russo the owner and his project manager Philip Games

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On with the show. Most of this show discusses employees versus subtrades.

Something different, Phil saw an opportunity and he went full force into it and that one move made his business jump to 56 projects in 2021, congrats guys and the work is insane. With most of the world taking crazy pills Phil had a great idea to get his new business going after so many clients pulled out and took the deposits back, his idea worked and the new Heavy Duty Homes was off. 2020 Phil and his team was able to do 8-10 projects, 2021 he brought in 57 projects and these were not small projects, being hungry requires a huge dining table.

How did he do all this? He stopped doing the sub trades and started working with employees, he created divisions to his business of all the key essential trades, hardwood, painting, drywall, tile and many others, this one shift in the business allowed him to take control of his projects and deliver for his clients.

Phil pays Manny a huge compliment by saying he based his new business format off of Hardcore Renos, and Respect The Next Trade, much respect Phil, thank you very much.

The referrals is how Heavy Duty Homes continues to be successful, they take great pride and they make sure that the client is always happy, always happy. When they get contacted by past clients about inviting the crew over for a BBQ that speaks volumes, well done gentlemen. Phil is finally off the tools and it feels weird to him, his tool is his keyboard, he’s still adapting but he understands that it has to be this way, every contractor knows that day is coming and you need to prepare for it.

Heavy Duty Homes is still learning and as Phil shares, every day is a learning day. They are taking what they went through last year, applying it to this year, anticipating another 57 projects for this year and we wish them all the best and all the well-deserved success.

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Thank you so much Phil and Philip for taking the time to speak with us and sharing your stories, your drive, your passion, never loose it brothers, we wish you all the best and hope to speak to you soon. Reach out to them for your next project or for any questions at www.heavydutyhomes.com email heavy@heavydutyhomes.com and on IG @heavydutyhomesinc

Want to reach out to Manny, text him on his mobile, 416 433-5737 and or email him at manny@hardcorerenos.com or manny@theconstructionlife.com Please let him know who you are and then ask away.

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