#216 D’lusso Tile with the OG Frank Dilorenzo, his son Joey and the new kid Jason Rita from MCM Stone & Tile

What a show! Are you easily offended by the truth about construction, then this show is for you because you need to be woken up about the realties in construction and Frank, Joey and Jay say it as it is and TCL welcomes everything said on this show.

Huge shout out to JD Hellinger of @hellingerconstruction he reached out asking me to do more shows about safety, and I will be doing more. He recently had a jobsite accident; a split second can change your life. We want to wish him the best, we wish him a lot of hope to recover and your fellow tradebrothers and tradesisters are here to support you brother, all the best JD.

Let’s begin, 45 years of construction experience, let that sink in, 1977 is when it all began, Frank is a very young 59, will soon be 60 and he credits his kids and the young trades for giving him his second wind, he’s back at it and loves it. He’s going to share so much on this show, you don’t want to miss everything he has to offer. Joey at a very young age, 7, would go to work with his Dad and learn how to do things properly. Jay was taught by his Dad, a few years older than Frank, Jay was brought into the mix by a negative situation where Jay was the saving grace and the 3 of them never looked back. It has been a while since we have done a tile show and what better tradespeople than the 3 gentlemen on the show today.

Having a show with different generations of trades allows us to discuss how things are today, how they were yesterday and what to expect in the future and everyone here is brutally honest. First up! Cleanliness!! They can’t express how important staying clean, working clean, keeping the site clean, your tools clean, your tiles clean, everything clean, that is the number one lesson for any tradesperson especially tile setter. We discuss clips and a lot of interesting points are brought up. Finally, we discuss how important pails are and how so many younger trades will just throw pails out without a construction care in the world, Frank goes as far as labeling his pails, the year he got it, yes, the year and a small “F” somewhere nobody can see and he even goes further and uses wine pails, the ones with the lip so it’s easier to pull apart.

You will never look at pencils the same way after this show, thank you Frank and I will try this. Frank should be teaching millennial happiness courses and change the industry mindset one trade at a time. There is so much you just must listen to this whole show several times. Stick around for the 12 questions of construction because you do not want to miss the replies on this one.

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Thank you so much Frank, Joey and Jay for taking the time this Saturday morning to speak with me and sharing your stories, your drive, your passion, never loose it brothers, we wish you all the best and hope to speak to you soon, you guys have to return to the show and continue this conversation. Reach out to them for your next project or for any questions at www.dlusstile.com email mcmdlusso@outlook.com and on IG @dlussotile and @mcmtile and can’t forget Franks page @ciccioaporta for an honest view on everything.

TCL has and always will be about giving back to the construction industry.

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