#220 Real Estate and Mortgages learning from yesterday, what’s going on today, and expectations for tomorrow

Anthony Caputo from The Caputo Group and Michelle Farrugia are back after nearly two years to discuss the real estate and mortgage markets. This is one show for the books, it was all business from the very beginning, and they share so much incredible insight into what is really going on today, what we learned two years ago and what to plan for tomorrow. We even shift gears and discuss crypto, nft’s and the metaverse. You want to listen to show, take notes and prepare to be educated.

Toronto just surpassed Vancouver, two years ago the average sale in Toronto was just over 800K, today it is just over 1 million and signs are only indicating this is going up. The government needs to streamline the permit process so we as builders can start and complete projects faster, permits are a huge stumbling block for clients. Things have gotten to the point where you have to pair up with someone in the purchase of a home to meet all the financial requirements, get a co-signer, it’s time to get creative and not to worry about the what if things don’t work out, sell the property and now you will be eligible to purchase on your own, bottom line, start.

There is a whole new digital landscape happening right now, young entrepreneurs are doing the meta, the crypto and it’s the new stock market but people need to understand these gains that people are sharing are feeding into the class division that social media has already created and continues to feed. Check your social media ego at the door and stay focused.

People are overbuying, overspending, it’s human nature to want instant gratification and that is hurting your financial health and wealth. You must stop your instincts to want “it” now and focus on the planning, the prepping and understand your goals, your realistic goals and forget keeping up with the social media joneses, delay your gratification. Anthony shares, if you’re young and thinking about moving out of mom and pop, don’t, save up money, buy a rental property and build equity. Michelle shares, get a co-sign over adding more to the down payment, that co-sign is way more valuable. Yes banks and B lenders are checking your digital footprint, they are googling you, they are looking for those skeletons and they will find them.

Thank You so much Anthony and Michelle for joining the show two years later and sharing so much more great insight about properties, real estate, loans, mortgages and more. Find them at @thecaputogroup.realestate www.thecaputogroup.ca anthony@thecaputogroup.ca 416 938-7771 and find Michelle @mlfarrugia and @cognitive.capital and www.cognitivecapital.ca 647 355-1823

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