#221 Alex from Seal-It is here to discuss sealing all types of exterior surfaces and where the business is going

Alex has had an interesting last decade, studying music, working for lawn care and other sealing companies, hustling and learning, and even considering getting into electrical. 5 years ago, he had a vison of Seal It and has made it what it is now and growing well. He has his crews and is currently searching for more employees if anyone is interested.

Alex takes great pride in learning about the proper sealers and applications through speaking to his suppliers and reps and testing these products on actual products. Alex dives deep into the sealing of asphalt, discussing the different types of asphalt and different types of sealers and he doesn’t use big box products that are latex based, he prefers solvent based proper products. Alex also discusses all the products he works with for all his pavers and natural stone applications and always about doing test samples for the client to get a better idea of the finished look.

Towards the end of the show, we discuss Alex’s passion for music and to never give it up. All tradespeople should look to other passions in life, if that be art, charities, anything, by giving yourself to other interests it will only make you more passionate about construction.

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Thank you so much Alex for being on the show and sharing so much insight into the sealing business and more. Reach out to Alex at www.sealitpropertyservices.com his email info@sealitpropertyservices.com and on IG @sealit4u

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