#230 Brock Peel Advanced Property Solutions and Dalton Cousineau SouthPaw Stoneworks are on the show

Brock from Advanced Property Solutions is back on the show, check out his first appearance on TCL Show #153, and this time he has brought a new friend, Dalton Cousineau from Southpaw Stoneworks and we are going to be talking Brocks first year as a GC and how Dalton is taking masonry and stone skills to new levels.

New Podcast to check out – Michelle Farrugia has been on TCL twice now and she’s doing her own podcast called Cognitive Capital Podcast and find it on iTunes, Spotify and YouTube, great show about finance, real estate and entrepreneurship.

We open the show with a few shout outs and then discuss the rising fuel costs but not in a negative, at TCL we present where all these fuel costs are coming from, who has their hands in the cookie jar.

On with the show, it begins with Dalton sharing how he began at 5 years of age and he has Lego to thank for his interest in stone work. His grandfather is the one that pushed him, encouraged him, and gave him and hour to pick up the skill. Dalton doesn’t really consider himself a mason, he looks at his skills more of a stonesmith artist. An interesting question comes up, our guests today are mid 20’s, we ask what do you think you will be like 25 years from now? It’s important to take care of your body and mind and maintain a healthy lifestyle is what Dalton shares. Brock shares what his first year as a GC has been and he recently hired a 3rd full time person to the crew. Things are good for him.

We discuss the difference between handyman and professional tradesperson, conversation get’s interesting here. Brock and Dalton share an estimate that they were both going to do and in the end they decided to walk away from being involved, basically the client wanted a handyman price but a professional scope of work. They share that the client wanted the detailed work to be done for 75% less than they were quoting, when a client speaks to you that way, walk and walk fast.

We bring up Recession Depression talk and discuss how the last two years has been great for construction and we are hoping that everyone in construction has been working just as hard on the business as on the tools, in preparation for a possible recession or even worse the next great depression. Are tradespeople buying fewer tools? Maintaining their current tools? Looking to sell tools they don’t really use? There is something going on and for good reason.

The conversation gets gritty with discussing the future of construction and trying to figure out why trades are so quick to want to get higher, bigger without learning all that they can. Where they step into what Brock calls, the “analyse paralysis”. Dalton ends the show with his thoughts on sharing insight to other trades, “fear is tasty” jump in with both feet and make it happen.

Shared and Discussed Links

Book – The Bitcoin Standard by Saifedean Ammous

Book – Beat the Bank by Larry Bates


Thank you Brock and Dalton. Find Brock and Advanced Property Solutions or APS at the following @advancedpropertysolutions on IG and advancedps.ca on FaceBook www.advancedps.ca and contact Brock on his email at brock@advancedps.ca for your next project. Find Dalton and Southpaw Stoneworks at the following www.southpawstoneworks.com southpawstoneworks@gmail.com and his IG @southpawstoneworks

TCL has and always will be about giving back to the construction industry.

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