#231 Greg and Justin Janczak from Generation Construction Ltd talking first year being a GC in the business

Something a little different on the show, the worktables are being turned around, Greg and his brother Justin from Generation Construction, 1.5 years into the business of being a GC are going to ask Manny questions about all kinds of scenarios that we GC’s go through on the daily. We are going to bring up a lot of things and some you may not want to hear but it should be spoken, as you know construction social media has always been about filters and everyone only discussing the good, at TCL we talk about the good, the bad and the downright nasty parts of the construction life.

Welcome to the Mentorship show.

How do we overcome the insecurities of construction?

How do you get over negative situations?

How to start the day?

Where can you find the greater support, through close friends and family over strangers?

How considering new trades, what to avoid when looking to hire and expand?

Are you properly assessing your business?

Can you over invest into your business?

We discuss profit, what percentage should you be after?

How much time should you give a new potential client?

How much should you spend on advertising?

How many quotes should you be working on?

Why are you in this business? Price vs Passion?

Partnerships are they good or bad?

Why did you choose construction as your career?

Where did you love for construction come from?

Why are tradespeople client’s therapist?

We discuss legal situations for every contractor

Employees or sub-contractors?

Why do contractors want to take on so much work? Will it make you more profitable?

Are you making more money because you have a lot of work?

Will there be a recession later this year or early next year?

Material costs keep going up, what can we do about it?

Planning for retirement?

Working on suppliers and building better relationships

How to handle call backs

The competition vs the community of construction

Can you be a millionaire if you’re a contractor?

Every single tradesperson in construction should have a side hustle.

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