#232 Kyle Springer from 2X2 Construction is here to discuss running a construction business from the numbers

We open the show with a few shout outs to the many tradespeople that reach out on social, emails and through the industry. Thank you everyone for making the show the huge success it is as we make our way to over 1 million downloads. I have always said it is all because of our guests and the tens of thousands of listeners. Thank you so much.

This show is all about the numbers behind running a construction business and Kyle, a 29-year-old has a lot of great advice for the young and old tradespeople in this amazing industry. Kyle a George Brown graduate has been in business for 8-9 years, began his career with a partner, that lasted a couple of years. From there he began 2X2 Construction and it’s a family business. In the beginning Kyle found it difficult to reach out to other trades to ask any question, gain any knowledge in fear of being dismissed. The good people in construction will always make time to reply, focus on the good, ignore the self-centered social media fame driven trades, the renoactors, the tourists.

We get right into it.


Payment Schedules


Change Orders

Scope of Work


Job Costing


Cash Flow Projections

Next Hire

New Tools

Company Vehicles

Company Growth

Markup vs Margin and Kyle shares quite a lot how he designed his graphs behind his numbers and well worth having a close listen and even reach out to Kyle.

Shared and Discussed Links

Made an error discussing a recent chat I had with Bob Peel from Brafssco, I apologize I called hi Bob Foot, no idea why. Anyway, Bob will be on the show and he has a lot to share about building a building, building a brand and loads of info on marketing and sales, watch for a future show with him. I worked with Bob way back in my marketing days and just so happen that Kurt Snell of @karpenter24 reconnected us after he did an amazing reno project at Bob’s home.

Thank You so much Kyle so much for sharing so much. Find Kyle and his team at the following @2x2construction on IG and www.2x2construction.ca and contact Kyle on his email at kyle@2x2construction.ca

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TCL has and always will be about giving back to the construction industry.

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