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March 20, 2022

TCL Episode #213 – Filippo Placentino of Cr3ative Construction

Show Notes

The construction industry is evolving every other day and one of the biggest reasons is the diversity of minds working in it. Episode 213 of “The Construction Life” has another guest contractor. Carpenter by profession, Filippo started when he was 27. He worked on several niches before professionally starting in it. He was professional soccer player, but in his teen years, he used to work on job sites to earn side money. He also has a construction background, with his father, maternal and paternal uncles in construction, he spent several summers working with them and learned painting, old school crown molding, scraping, plastering from them.

Love for Construction

As always discussed in The Construction Life podcasts, you need to love your work to survive in this industry. Filippo says that he takes out time for his family and friends, but he thinks of his work and finds ways to help friends. He says that even he is out, he is always looking for new techniques, watches construction work, and can work even under pressure. Even when he is out for a vacation with his family, he observes buildings, casinos, and high rise to observe their positives and negatives. Manny also discussed the amazing European construction show to be held in Germany, and the Tile show in Bologna. They discuss how a contractor should be accepting enough to realize the developments in construction in other countries, North American construction isn’t the epicenter of construction.

Time is money Literally!

According to Filippo, time is literally money in construction! Reaching the deadline on time helps you get the payment on time and also helps you in getting the next job because happy clients definitely spread positive word of mouth.

Client Management

Client management is an important aspect of construction from choosing the customer to the final payment. Filippo says that if you are not choosing your customer, you are not doing it right! You should be good enough to select compatible clients among others. Peace of mind and working freedom are more important than the price of the project. You must define your space with the client. Also, you have to satisfy the customers by giving them all the (legitimate) answers to avoid renegotiating in the end. Always maintain your honesty and integrity.

The episode discussed how clients who let you in your home don’t trust you and why you should not work with such people. Filippo shares an experience where a potential client who was a lawyer kept filming him and he felt so uncomfortable and thus refused the job.

People Management

A successful contractor is a successful manager, the one who can lead his team, set targets, and track performance. Filippo also explained how he sets daily targets and monitors the performance of his team. He also told how one of his workers is his favorite though he is slow but is a perfectionist, so he lets him do work at his pace.

Meet vs Exceed the expectations!

Manny shared an experience where he was working in a washroom with a curb in a shower. Manny added a thermostat in a bathroom he was working there. The couple really liked it. After some time, the couple in that home decided to go for a home birth. And out of nowhere the husband called Manny to thank him and told him that his wife likes the heating floor, kept her back warm during the delivery of their second child!

Now the couple is going for full-scale addition of their house, he placed the highest bid, but they liked him and he was awarded the project.

Health issues in Contractors

Where the hosts and the guest discussed various aspects of CCQ yet again and WSIB, and how there should be transparency about the surplus amount, expenses, salaries, etc., this episode discussed the importance of physical and mental health of people in this industry. Everyone who is working in the construction industry must know that it is not a piece of cake, and people can have anxiety, panic attacks, stress, and even depression. The guest and host Manny shared their experiences when they had a panic attack, for the first time in their lives and they were so shocked. Make sure your health is your top priority because work stress can aggravate any prevailing condition. Don’t forget to at least follow the basics of safety.

Filippo was into Makita but he thinks Makita is not as advanced in Canada as it is in Europe so he is into DeWalt and Bosch.

Questions of Construction

Filippo answered the questions of constructions, to listen to the interesting session do listen to the podcast now. Here are some of the interesting questions he replied!

  1. What is your favorite construction word?


  1. What is your least favorite construction word?


  1. What turns you on to construction?

Sexy showers and nice sleek showers with good tilework.

  1. What turns you off in construction?

His biggest turnoff in construction is when trades don’t pick up after themselves a job.

  1. What is your favorite vehicle?

The Porsche, black electric one!

  1. What is your least favorite vehicle?

Cybertruck Tesla

  1. What construction sound or noise Do you love?

Any things being used you know up against a brick.

  1. What construction sound or noise do you hate?


  1. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

He’d like to retire to being a barista.

  1. What profession would you never like to do

Anything in sales!

  1. If heaven exist What would you like to hear the gods say when you arrive at the pearly gates?

Most likely he wants to pull him over and say hey, I need help. I need help fixing something and help fix it and he would help him fix it.