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What is The Construction Life?

It is a 5 am wake up, work out, shower, prepare lunch, send off the family, hop into the van, call the crews and suppliers, arrive on site, organize, prep, build, have fun, wrap up, end the day on a high note, head home, spend time with the family, prep for the next day, turn in, sleep, and wake up and do it all over again because you love what you do every single day of The Construction Life.

Good Enough Will Never Be Good Enough For Us.

Meet the Host


A Portuguese-Canadian from the Azores, Manny Neves is a passionate contractor, designer, and artist devoted  to building up the construction industry and educating new tradespeople.

Manny comes from a small town on the island of Pico, but he got his schooling in Toronto, earning a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts and going on to work in the film and television industry for a decade. He then transitioned into the construction industry, finding his place doing custom resi and slowly forming a following of like-minded individuals. Now, he runs the most listened-to construction podcast and is committed to creating a better future for tradespeople everywhere. Outside of construction, he is passionate about arts and culture, food, travel, space and motorcycles. He hopes to one day be given the opportunity to build a home on the island of Pico, but he has a wealth of knowledge to share with the world first.