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From the creators of the first ever cordless worm drive, comes the 10-1/4″ Cordless Worm Drive Skilsaw with legendary SKIL power to go anywhere. With a 3-11/16″ depth of cut, this cordless Skilsaw can cut 4x material in a single pass. Powered by the TRUEHVL™ battery, designed specifically for our legendary Worm Drive saw. The brushless motor responds to challenging applications by boosting power and torque, and all-magnesium construction makes it lightweight and tough. TRUEHVL™ features a unique battery design that maximizes heat dissipation, patented Stay Cool™ technology that wraps each cell in a temperature controlling material, and intelligent power management that monitors and optimizes each cell. Go from zero to full charge in only 1 hour. Get all the power you need, from the ONLY 10-1/4″ Cordless Worm Drive Skilsaw. For optimal performance, recommended use with blade 76240 from SKIL. This kit includes a 10-1/4″ blade, 5.0Ah TRUEHVL™ lithium battery, and TRUEHVL™ Quick Charger. SKIL has redefined power. Again.

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Tool History

Who Created The First Drill?

Virtually all of today’s electric drills descend from the original portable hand-held drill patented in 1917 by S. Duncan Black and Alonzo Decker, whose invention spurred the growth of the modern power tool industry.