#203 Jesse Barbosa is back to discuss what’s been going on with the growth of his framing business

Jesse has now joined the 3rd guest show appearance club and we couldn’t be happier as we have watched him grow his business over the course of our show. Welcome back Jesse, on with the show.

Jesse gets Manny and Carlito to join in for the opening track and it’s great. Where do we begin with this show, it’s 6am and we are down to the last 3 shows of the event, the sun is starting to rise and Carlito and Manny are back with some energy. Jesse begins with a major foundation fuck up, funny enough it was an ICF pour, and boy was it out of common sense, 6 ½” out of square. Missing key point load rebar and their fix was to use PL 400 instead of the engineer fix of epoxy and the hits on this first-time builder and first-time client gets worse. It ended with Jesse firing the foundation crew because “the way they fix mistakes is by negotiations”.

Shifting gears to hiring and firing and Jesse now has 7 framers and he’s always on the hunt for better, skilled framers to work with. No matter how good you might think you are, if you have a shitty attitude, not a team player, you won’t survive on this crew or in this business. Jesse treats his business as a democracy and it’s what has built his business up very nicely.

Jesse shares his ups and downs with machinery and why he heeds them to make his business run well. Jesse shares his thoughts on signing his contracts and how projects are getting bigger and more complex but also poorly organized and once Jesse agrees to a start date, GC’s can’t push these dates months ahead. It really is about control of as many elements so then you can deliver what you promised. We wrap up the show with some chat about pre fab and modular framing and building and where the future of framing is heading.

In 18 months, Jesse and his team have come a long way and he credits the Building Passive project as the project that shifted his business in a new direction. Flo from Pro Custom Painting recommending Jesse was a beautiful thank you to Jesse. Working with Jim Caruk turned into 3 projects and many more to come. Jesse has just positioned his business a certain way, he has learned, he continues to share, he encourages new and old trades to contribute and work together to build the best possible homes. At TCL we are very proud of Jesse and his crew.

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Thank you so much Jesse for joining the show and sharing your construction stories and you have a massive career ahead of you. Anyone interested in any kind of great framing please contact Jesse at 647 227-7783 and barbosacarpentry@outlook.com and find him on IG at @barbosacarpentry for some great posts and videos that will teach and entertain you.

TCL has and always will be about giving back to the construction industry.

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