#204 Mike Belley from Belley Renovations is back to discuss toxic masculinity on the jobsite

In our last show of the 24-hour event we discuss a topic that no construction cares to discuss but this is The Construction Life. As a GC we ae asked to handle so many details, on and off the job site, recognizing what our clients, crews, sub trades, suppliers are going through on a day-to-day basis. Where does this type of behavior come from, where does it begin? We feel it begins and comes from competition; competitive behavior breeds this type of environment. Construction is 100% about communication and you will get a lot of tradespeople telling employers “I know how to do that” it forms a disconnect and can create bigger issues.

What is toxic masculinity? Mike brings up a great point, it’s like asking what color is the rainbow? There are so many colors and so many ways to describe it. How should GC’s and other tradespeople handle these toxic situations, when they see that a tradesperson is uncomfortable, it is really about the most against the least on site? Toxic Masculinity is a majority thing and how should we handle it and possibly change it for future tradespeople. We even discuss the toxic environment that clients, designers and architects create for tradespeople and how we are almost as much to blame as the people lashing out at us, we place ourselves in these situations and we allow people to speak down to us.

The construction industry, the clients we work for do not allow for a work life balance, mental health, physical issues, they simply do not care to move the industry to where other industries are already at. Our traits are left in the past and we must so called “Man up”. The only way to get through to other tradespeople is to show our own vulnerability. We even discuss mental health being a service charge on projects and even having WSIB cover mental health, we know neither will happen until we speak up as a collective. Let’s make this conversation something that all tradespeople are not afraid to discuss.

Thank you so much Mike for joining the show and sharing, this was not an easy conversation to have but an important one. Please contact Mike at info@belleyrenovations.com and find him on IG at @belleyrenovations for some great posts and videos that will teach and entertain you and at his website www.belleyrenovations.com

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