#218 Behzad from Aria Build is here to discuss being a 25-year-old General Contractor of luxury homes

We have a new segment to share on the show, Building Books where we share a book that we have read and our listeners should consider reading, on today’s show we discuss Think and Grow Rich, Little Red Hen, Richest Man in Babylon, and today’s feature book is The Boy, the Mole, the Fox, and the Horse. Please consider expanding your reading, it will only help you and your business.

25-year-old GC Behzad of Aria Build is our guest, moved to Canada when he was 11 years old, didn’t know any English and is family had plenty of struggles and hardship. At his parent’s request Behzad studied Electrical Engineering, graduated but didn’t follow a career in it, construction was calling him. His construction career began by doing little odd jobs here and there, installing a dishwasher, cleaning up job sites, work he found through Kiji, that gave him the confidence to begin to do smaller projects. Of course, he learned the hard way and lost money on those earlier jobs, join the construction club.

Behzad began working with his brother and that worked for a few years while he was still finishing up his education. Eventually where Behzad wanted to take the business didn’t line up with his brothers plan so they parted ways and he began Aria Build all on his own. One of the key things that Behzad shares, when he got started and made a mistake, he would document that mistake in a journal, and he continues to write in that journal and he learns from his mistakes and never makes them again.

It’s refreshing to hear such a young tradesperson who has struggled, learned from their mistakes and has improved and built a solid business and continues to improve with each new project. Keep up the awesomeness brother. At the end of the show Behzad shares his other passion, he has a 53-foot-long yacht and rents it out, find him at www.torontoboatrentals.net @torontoboatrentals

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