#222 Kim Piller a Sales Trainer from Sandler Cornerstone Centre for Continued Learning

Kim opens the show with a great assumption about contractors, he thinks we make loads of money, why do we need a sales trainer? This show will have a lot of questions for you as a business owner to ask yourself, prepare the notepad.

· Why do you do your business?

· How do you build a structure for your business?

· Plan and prepare to sell your business one day.

· Understanding the Buyers / Sellers Dance.

· Don’t try to sell yourself and your service.

· Don’t sell the person, they will back away.

· Go in with the intension of not getting the work.

· Go into meetings realizing you don’t need the business.

· How much time should your initial meeting be?

· Qualify or disqualify that potential client over a first phone call.

· Are you renovating to sell or is this your forever home?

· Scheduling meetings make sure everyone is there and there is an agenda, also known as an upfront contract type of meeting

· Try to avoid buyer’s remorse

· Any confrontational situation, take a time out and walk away, interrupt the pattern

· Plan and prepare for your business to expand

· Find a good business coach and sales coach

· When you present your estimate, give it and be quiet, let the client absorb it and you be quiet.

When you finally get a chance to sit down and figure out your selling process, never come to the realization that you “Wing it”. That is the worst thing you can do and unfortunately that is what most businesses do. Your price is your price and when the clients question your price, your profit, your business, don’t defend it, just present it, and stay quiet. Kim wraps things up by explaining, when you as a business owner make the leap to redesign your business, things will get worse before they get better, why it that? You must assess what’s wrong and you must change those faults that way you can get to a better business.

Thank you so much Kim for being on the show and sharing so much insight into the art of sales in business and more. Reach out to Kim at www.kimpiller.sandler.com his email kim.piller@sandler.com and on IG @kim_piller

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