#229 New Tech Wood discussing these new cladding, decking, fencing products with the GM Kosta

What a show we have today!! Let’s discuss a new product that has changed the way you consider cladding and decking, we have Constantine (Kosta) Karolidis, the GM and he shares how it all began and how it’s going.

But first, a few shout outs and a lovely story about a lazy and talentless renoactor.

On with the show.

Kosta runs us through this new product to Canada and the many benefits attached to working and designing with it. Kosta literally dove into this business, upon graduating from university, the day after, his Dad asks him, so when are you getting a job? He secures employment with Rinomato Group and from there got into New Tech Wood and like most of us in construction he had a labour shortage trying to build the brand, this was the beginning of Covid and nobody wanted to work, Kosta began asking his university friends, lawyers and programmers in training to help him out.

New Tech Wood is in 55 different countries, Canada is the largest growing market right now. With so many colors, styles of cladding, fencing, and decking, use the product inside and out. Kosta also discusses that they can make color match bird houses, chairs, all kinds of furniture and other custom pieces so your entire design can match.

Green book talk and we discover the fines attached to making too much noise and a table saw can get as high as 150 Decibels and when you factor in that an ear drum can rupture at 150 DB.

One of our fav and constant topics comes up again, millennials and is the stereotype still out there? Kosta shares some insight and of course, Manny and Carlito add to the talk.

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What an amazing show with Kosta, Thank you. Find him on IG @newtechwoodcanada and kosta@ntwcanada.ca and the website is www.newtechwood.ca

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