#233 Fix It Friend the Man the Myth the Legend Jeremy Ross is here to discuss the Handyman Service industry

On with the show, Fix It Friend with Jeremy Ross next level of Handyman Services. 6 years in construction after studying and working in the mechanical engineer field, he had enough of the office environment and wanted to get his hands dirty, that is how Fix It Friend began. Of course, Jeremy had some concerns, lack of confidence if he would be accepted into the industry and would establish tradespeople share, we all went through that, that’s the beauty of construction, it truly is a community, and we want to help others. Ultimately every older tradesperson knows they need to pass on these lessons because there are more leaving then entering this industry.

Jeremy and his right-hand person Jessica have perfected the Fix It Friend system, from people leaving an inquiry on the website, submitting a scope of work, assessing things, arriving on site and fixing it for them. Most clients are just so happy to have someone there to take care of things. At times there could be a little bit of tension with significant others who either tried to fix it or has no idea how to fix it but Jeremy understands how to involved the clients enough that it becomes a collaborative effort. Over the years Jeremy has built a solid list of tradespeople and other professionals that he can reach out to get 2nd opinion and tradespeople are always willing to share with him, adding more value to his business and his clients.

Passion vs Profit comes up again, it’s been gaining a lot of interest and Jeremy brings up some amazing points, it’s an important conversation that everyone in this industry should be having on a daily basis.

About a year into Fit It Friend Jeremy had the passion and desire for a workshop, and he came across an opportunity, he called it The Hub TO. Jeremy came across a 6000 sq ft abandoned unit and found the owner, worked out a deal to lease it, he spilt up the place into 11 separate units for a community of makers, a woodworker, a hairdresser, an actor and so on. He’s been able to fill 10 of the 11 units and he’s created something that’s so valuable to everyone in our industry and I suggested you should open another, open it in the west end. What an amazing idea. Towards the end of the show the conversation gets very interesting, we discuss the next generation, parenting failing on making construction an attractive career choice, the construction cap when it comes to making money, immigrants from the 60’s to today providing for their big families, where homes, kids futures, cars, weddings were all paid for by hardworking tradespeople.

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Thank You so much Jeremy for sharing so much. Find Jeremy at the following @fixitfriend on IG and www.fix-it-friend.com and contact Jeremy on his email at jeremy@fix-it-friend.com

TCL has and always will be about giving back to the construction industry.

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